Soft Wash House Washing

Soft Wash House Washing, also known as low-pressure cleaning or low-pressure washing, is a term used to describe a safe and effective process used by professional pressure washing companies for cleaning a variety of exterior surfaces on buildings and homes.

We Fight Dirty!

Our House Washing Process Includes:

  • determining what the nature of a stain is (organic, mineral, petroleum based)

  • properly selecting the correct commercial grade soap designed to clean the stain

  • applying cleaning solutions on the surface with low pressure

  • gently rinsing the dirt and grime away with fresh, unfiltered water

Low pressure cleaning is used exclusively by the premier professional pressure washing companies for many reasons.

The use of high pressure for cleaning the exterior of a home poses little to no benefit versus cleaning with lower pressures and proper soaps. Would you clean your hands with just water and high pressure? Of course not, you would use soap!

Results from High Pressure Washing

Pressure cleaning with high pressure routinely damages window screens, siding, decks and exterior lighting. Soft washing eliminates the potential for that damage.

In addition, pulling the trigger on a high pressure wand and shooting water forward can cause the technician holding the wand to be pushed backward.

This poses a liability if he happens to be scaling a roof or standing on the high rungs of a ladder.  Soft washing takes that liability out of the equation.

Damage From High Pressure
Damage From High Pressure

Using Low Pressure Results In A Cleaner Home!

SoftWash SpecialistsWith the low pressure soft washing method, your home’s exterior ends up being cleaner. It is literally disinfected! High pressure only removes the surface dirt, mildew, mold and algae, leaving grimy spores deep in the surfaces. Using properly developed, eco friendly soaps containing mildewcides, surfactants and rinsing agents, soft washing disinfects and loosens those unsightly stains, while clean water rinses them away completely. You will notice a longer lasting clean due to the fact that the bacteria will have to begin the process of growing again from scratch.

The manufacturers of nearly all of the items that comprise your home’s exterior– from the paint to the vinyl to the shingles– recommend soft washing. It is no wonder all the real pro’s are using this process and the educated property owners are requesting it. Ultimately, a properly trained technician using low pressure methods for cleaning your home makes for a superior result. This method provides you with far more value for the investment while ensuring safety for both the cleaning technician and your property.

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