Let us take care of your deck and keep it looking its best

Whether you have a brand new deck that is waiting for stain or a 20-year old deck that you are considering tearing down, we can help you maintain, preserve, and restore your deck or other wood structure to enhance its life, look, and feel!  We have successfully restored thousands of decks and can provide you with complete solutions to help you keep or get your deck looking great again!

Deck Restoration Steps

  • Safe Deck Cleaning!

    We provide safe and effective cleaning and sanitizing of all types of wooden and composite decks.  Whether it’s a basic pressure treated pine, a beautiful cedar, a new age composite, or an exotic hardwood like ipe, teak, or mahogany we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the look you desire.  We use industrial grade, biodegradable, plant-friendly soaps to rid your deck of any organic growth and safely clean it with just the right amount of pressure, depending on wood species.  This allows us to not use heavy pressure on your wood surface which can leave gouges and lap marks.  We then finish off with a proprietary wood brightening solution that leaves the wood clean and ready for the next step in the finishing process.

  • Sanding

    Some decks will require sanding to continue to prepare that surface for finishing.  This may be necessary to open up the pores of the wood, remove mill glaze, or address concerns that washing simply won’t fix. We use 19 inch Clarke Commercial floor sanders and a variety of sandpapers to properly prepare all of your horizontal surfaces for the next phase of finishing.

  • Protective Coating!

    The team of coatings professionals at Squeeky Clean have experience in both paints and stains!  We can use oil based as well as water based products and have extensive experience in not only color matching, but opacity characteristics as well.  From a transparent to a semi-transparent, a semi-solid to a solid, we can recommend the right product for your specific needs.  We hand brush all of our stains, and can provide you with not only mold inhibiting additives, but also wood destroying insect inhibitors.

  • After the Job

    Once your deck is cleaned and restored, one of our Deck Experts can work with you on an individual basis to develop an extensive ongoing Deck Preservation Plan. Wouldn’t it be nice to not ever have to worry about your deck again? Let us take care of it for you! From developing a wash schedule to helping you determine the frequency of coatings to maximize the beauty of your deck and the life of your wood, let us create a customized plan for you. Our forward scheduling takes the pain away from you having to call us to schedule work.  Our system of automated emails and reminders will let you know when we are coming to take care of your deck for you!