What are those black streaks on my roof?

This is a common question we are asked at home shows and educational seminars.

In short, that black streaking is mold and organic growth that is growing on your asphalt shingles.

Much like vinyl siding becomes “green” over time and needs periodic cleaning, your roofing system requires an occasional bath to get it clean and keep it functioning as it was intended.


Not only will it void your manufacturer’s warranty, it will also more than likely cause significant granular loss to occur on your shingles and damage your roofing system.  Let the pros at Squeeky Clean restore your roof to a pristine condition by using our low pressure roof cleaning system!  We use a specialized soap and detergent that will kill 99.9% of all organic growth occurring on your roof and get rid of those ugly black streaks, making your roof look clean again and restoring the curb appeal your home once had!

We apply our specialized sanitizing agent with a low pressure pump that can accurately, evenly, and softly apply the mixture to the roof without causing any roofing system damage.  Our team of professionally trained, ladder safety certified craftsmen take extreme caution in making sure that any overspray is minimalized, and all surrounding vegetation is thoroughly watered and rinsed before, during, and after the treatment.  Our multi-person team will work diligently and safely on your property to make sure that your roof gets clean the first time!

All of the roof drainage systems (gutters) that exit above grade will be bagged to prevent any uncontrolled runoff.  Any debris will be carried away with us when we leave and discarded of properly.

Three Year Warranty

We feel so confident in our roof cleaning that a standard 3-year warranty is included with every roof clean!  If you have any significant organic growth re-occur within a 3-year period, we will come out and re-clean your roof at no cost to you.

For Real Estate Agents:  This warranty is transferable with the sale of the home and is good for 36 months from the date of application.

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