Log & Timber Worx

Log Home Restoration with Log &
Timber Worx

Whether you own an antique log home, or are having a brand new log home built, it is critical that you partner with a professional to dedicate themselves to your logs’ preservation.

Log homes require annual maintenance to keep them protected and looking great. The team at Squeeky Clean has been dedicated to the preservation or restoration of your new or existing log home, and now works under the name Log & Timber Worx.

Log & Timber Worx Log Home Restoration Includes:

  • Safe & Effective Cleaning

    Safe and effective low pressure cleaning methods for your logs, to kill and remove organic growth, remove iron oxide staining from staples and nails, and prevent and/or correct UV weathering that occurs from exposure to the sun.

  • Pest Prevention

    Prevention of the infestation of wood boring insects such as termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees through the regular application of additives and/or treatments designed to protect your wood from these harmful pests.

  • Sanding/Finish Removal

    We can safely remove old or failed finishes from your existing log structure, leaving you with a beautiful palette to start fresh.

  • Staining/Sealing

    We can help you protect your home by applying a variety of stains and finishes to beautify and protect your wood for years to come. Whether it’s oil-based or water-based, interior or exterior, we can provide you with real solutions to the problems facing log homeowners today.

  • Caulking & Chinking

    We can provide you with caulking and chinking work from new construction to repair work.  We can work with both mortar and urethane-based chinking solutions.

  • Planning and Budgeting for future maintenance

    We work with you to create a customized log home preservation plan to make sure you never have to worry about your log home’s condition again.

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